July 22, 2014


Hey Guys!! I’m happy to announce I’ll be exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con 2014 JULY 23-27, 2014 with my brand new book, For the LOLz! Plus, lots of new prints and fun stuff! Come visit me and say hello at Exhibitor Booth B-07, in the upper end of Hall A (near the Nintendo, Ubisoft and Namco booths)!

More info here!

Hope to see you there!

Go, GO, GO!  Get her new book!  And save me a copy while you’re at it, eh?

July 17, 2014


On a tear to clear up unfinished business — but the DM’s are the mortar between those bricks!  A small selection from this week’s back-to-back-to-back streaming.  Taking the night off tonight, back at it this weekend!

July 15, 2014


VIBE Update - Page 153

the angry fist of Zeus descends from heaven, ready to cast judgement on our young hero.

New VIBE page!  GET AT IT!

July 14, 2014



(I should draw Ras-chan again!)

July 12, 2014


Selections from last night’s solo stream — I joined Ducky by about 3AM EST for multistream, and rolled on more commish & NSFW stuff. For those who were there, thanks for stopping by!  

July 12, 2014

johnny3gears said: So you did the artwork for skullgirls right?

I’m one of many, many, MANY contractors who assist w/ the art on Skullgirls.  I did the line art cleanup on Story Mode cutscenes for Filia, Painwheel, Big Band, and recently Eliza — basically taking Alex’s rough sketches and putting finished lines to them for the colorists to follow.  I also helped with move concepts for Cerebella (standing LK) & Squigly (crouching HP!) 

July 10, 2014



Skullgirls Encore

…is coming to PS4 and PS Vita this year! Feature complete with all the DLC fighters, stages, and glorious animated goodness.


Oh dude, Eliza Story Mode art!  Also HELL YEAH PS Vita!

(Source: blog.us.playstation.com)

July 9, 2014

(Source: papaargents, via racconconnoisseur)

July 8, 2014

densuo said: What's the face you make when your concentration peaks as you dance through bullet hell in a shmup? Do ya go all Newtype? Trans-am? Kakusei (LOL)? Hyper Mode? A friend noted that I always tend to lean forward lower my head and my eyes widen slightly. I just love that rush.

Hmmm, I don’t know exactly what face I make, but I’m notorious for over-the-top trash talking… PvE gaming.  Like recently, I played 1944: The Loop Master for the first time (fun game, btw) and was “Charging… YEEEAAAH!" and "No, no it’s OK!  It’s just EVERY BULLET EVER inside of you!" the whole time.

When I’m ON, I’m usually dead silent — until I fail, then I make a death-squib sound or shout “C’MON, SERIOUSLY!?" whenever I mess up.

July 7, 2014


Ok so I made this post because I’m going to start taking commissions again. I technically didn’t stop, but the day job was making me slow down on them. 

Anyway here are my rates and such. You can contact me here and at Chris91hv@aol.com, my paypal is also that email. 

I’m still not taking sprite commissions animated or otherwise right now. Sorry folks.

Yo, I’mma hype this cause this is quality work, but I’d fully expect a hundred tacked onto those animations — check the fluidity!  Go get you some!

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